About Us

Bhutan Far Trek welcomes you to the Land of Thunder Dragon where your travel meets satisfaction. We at BFT aims to provide exciting tour packages to our guests relating to the country’s culture and tradition which will be an overwhelming and soul stirring vacation.  The agency under the Authority of Tourism Council of Bhutan and Ministry of Trade and Industries will now provide the most convenient support accompanied by certified travel guides in order to savor the best in your travel to the Kingdom of Bhutan.

BFT helps in arranging exciting and satisfying Bhutanese holidays. We have the fundamentals of serving the traveling individuals, groups, and incentive tours etc., especially those who have discerning passion to see the in-depth of Bhutan. BFT as a friend can give you the insider tips to help you have a unique and memorable experience. We at BFT serves as your one stop shop to different tour packages and make planning your vacation easy, fun and affordable.


“We envision a sustainable system of care where perfection is expected for every visitors of Bhutan.”


“To continuously deliver jubilant, reliable and dependable service in the reality of tourism”

Core Values

“Respect, Integrity, sustainability, Honesty, Teamwork, Unbiased.”